Published On: Sat, Feb 11th, 2017

The Sri Lankan war crimes swept under the carpet

The Sri Lankan war crimes swept under the carpet

According to successive Sri Lankan governments the only war crimes committed during the country’s long civil war, from July 1983 to May 2009, were those perpetrated by the Tamils; aggressive denial has defined their response. The alienation of the minority Tamil population from the majority Sinhalese began in colonial times, when Britain sought to accentuate…

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On Keppapulavu

February 9 marks the tenth day of protests in Keppapulavu, a village in Mullaitivu, where residents are demanding the return of their land. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is meeting with representatives of the Keppapulavu protests – but the struggle for the return of their land has been ongoing for years. Groundviews compiled the reportage on the issue, in…

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Threat to Sumanthiran: A game plan to retain army: CV

The Police saying there is a threat to Sumanthiran’s life is a ploy to station the army permanently, the Northern Province Chief Minister C.V.Wigneswaran said. He said so when queried about the death threat on TNA Parliamentarian, Sumanthiran, and the arrest of former combatants. H said that the Police had taken steps regarding it. But they had not informed…

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The Tamil People’s Council reiterated its calls for transparency in the constitution making process, and the resultant formation of a sovereign… Read More

Thousands mobilize in Ezhuka Thamizh in Batticaloa, denounce genocidal ‘Sri Lanka’ [Tamilnet]

Thousands of Tamils mobilized in Batticaloa on Friday denouncing the unitary State model of genocidal Sri Lanka currently being envisaged in the constitutional proposals in the South. The SL regime in Colombo has discarded the proposals submitted in open and transparent manner by the Tamils in the North-East, the organizers of the event, Tamil People’s Council, said. The entire constitutional process has become a secretive discourse while the notorious Prevention of Terrorism Act is used to muffle the freedom of expression of Eezham Tamils in the North and East, the speakers, including Justice C.V. Wigneswaran, said in their speeches. There should be full-scale de-militarization. The 6th Amendment to the SL Constitution and the draconian PTA should be scrapped for a free and fair constitutional process to take place in the North-East. Full story >>

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