Published On: Mon, Apr 17th, 2017

Sri Lanka, U.S. Security Cooperation is Not the Cure

For Sri Lanka, U.S. Security Cooperation is Not the Cure [warontherocks]

Sri Lanka is a complicated country. In a recent article, Nilanthi Samaranayake notes that Sri Lanka’s foreign policy has been evolving since the unexpected ascension of President Maithripala Sirisena in January 2015. Unfortunately, the trends that Samaranayake has succinctly captured — especially a strengthening of security ties between the United States and Sri Lanka — could ultimately prove to be inimical to both America’s long-term interests in the Indo-Pacific and lasting peace in the island nation. The article doesn’t mention that Sri Lanka is still recovering from a brutal civil war. One cannot properly assess the current state of affairs, particularly when it comes to defense relationships, without examining the situation through the prism of the civil war and the root causes of the unresolved ethnic conflict. Full story >>
Taylor Dibbert

People express solidarity with protests, low-key New Year in North-East [Tamilnet]

Eezham Tamils in North and East observed a largely silent Chiththirai New Year this year as the uprooted people in Mannaar and Mullaiththeevu are on the streets waging continuous protests along with the kith and kin of those subjected to enforced disappearances at the hands of the occupying Sinhala military. A protest march was staged in Vavuniyaa in support of the protest of the families of enforced disappeared. People wearing black armbands took part in the protest. In the meantime, occupying SL military personnel wearing traditional Sinhala clothes attempted to ‘celebrate’ New Year with protesting people at Keappaa-pulavu. The protesting people declined the offer and firmly stated that they would only celebrate New Year after getting their village back. Full story >>

UN, Western governments fund genocidal Sinhala militarisation of Vanni  [Tamilnet]

After deceiving Eezham Tamils on international investigations, the UN, its development agencies and the western governments that talk about post-conflict ‘reconciliation’ and ‘development’ without resolving the conflict, have now gone to the extent of deploying their funds to sustain the genocidal Sinhala military occupation of Vanni. Millions of rupees, channelled through the SL Resettlement Ministry in Colombo to the SL Defence Ministry are being deployed by the occupying military to buy out the lands belonging to uprooted Tamils in Keappaa-pulavu in Mullaiththeevu district, where uprooted Tamils have been continuously fighting for more than two months now. It now transpires that a two-storied resort has been built inside the military-seized lands at Keappaa-pulavu. The SL Air Force is constructing a Buddhist vihara to defend the case for continued Sinhala militarisation.  Full story >>

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